A Tale of Two Landmarks: Esplanade Arches and the Gooderham Building

At Lane and Ave Studio, we recently had the pleasure of photographing the beautiful engagement of Ari and Will, a couple brimming with happiness and ready for some fun-filled moments.

Our day began amidst the stunning arches of the Esplanade, where the golden hour lighting provided the perfect ambiance for capturing their love from every angle. The architecture of the arches offered us endless opportunities to get creative with our shots, setting the tone for a magical photo session.

From there, we strolled to the iconic Gooderham Building, also known as the Flatiron Building, a beloved symbol of Toronto. Against this historic backdrop, we immortalized more precious moments of Ari and Will's journey towards forever.

Romancing the Sunset: Cherished Moments at Cherry Beach

For the second half of their shoot, we whisked the couple to the nearby Cherry Beach, a serene oasis by the water. Here, amidst the soft sand and gentle waves, Ari and Will underwent an outfit change and indulged in some delicious soft serve ice cream. This playful interlude not only added a touch of spontaneity to the shoot but also facilitated those candid, laughter-filled moments that truly capture the essence of their relationship.

As the sun began to set, we captured the couple in intimate, romantic poses against the tranquil backdrop of Cherry Beach. The soft light and calm waters provided the perfect canvas for immortalizing their love in its purest form.